Farming during the 2020 Pandemic.

To say that the first four months of 2020 have been trying is an understatement.  I hear people constantly saying when things “get back to normal”.  In my humble opinion, I hope we find a new normal.  Not everything that has come from this Pandemic has been bad.  I’ve found people to be kinder, traffic is reduced and therefor, by default, pollution  and people are preparing and eating meals together as families. 

When businesses re open and people return to work and school, church and social activities, I hope they don’t forget the simple pleasures.  Food is a necessity but it is also the tie that binds people together.  It is shared memories and traditions.  Recipes passed from generation to generation and meals prepared with loving hands.  In other words – Food is Love!

In some small way, Fairway Farm would like to be a part of this new normal.  We are committed to safe food handling practices and promise to work hard to limit the amount of handling for our blueberries.  We are practicing increased hygienic techniques in our picking process and the berries are not handled after packing in the plastic clamshells.

We hope to see you this summer at the Sandhills Farmer’s Market or here at the Farm to purchase fresh produce.  We will also offer free delivery this year on orders of 12 pints or more to the Moore County area.  Stay safe and remember to hold your family close.

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