Blueberries Rock…..

With the Coronavirus lockdown coming to an end, we spent the rainy weekend entertaining friends for the first time in months.  This will probably be the last time we will have a free weekend for the rest of the summer.  The blueberries are just about ripe and we’ll be at the Sandhills Farmer’s Market soon. 

May 2020 Blueberries

My friend – a talented artist – and I decided to create some painted rocks to hide in the local area to inspire, entertain and of course create interest in our blueberries.  If you’re in the Moore County area of North Carolina keep an eye out for a rock hidden in plain sight.  Tag us on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll gift you a pint of blueberries.  Be sure to follow us and use our hashtags:
#fairwayfarmwestendnc  #fairwayfarm  #blueberriesandbee #wegrowmoore #eatmooreblueberries

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