Dog Days

As the weather heats up here in the sandhills of North Carolina we are in peak blueberry production.  We’ve had to start picking at the crack of dawn in order to beat the heat.  But the trade off is fresh blueberries for breakfast while we pick!

basket of berries  berries

The bees can take the heat but the humidity makes it difficult for them to keep a constant temperature in the hive.  When we have a combination of heat and humidity, the bees take a break outside to help regulate the temps.  It’s a sight to see when hundreds if not thousands of bees hang out on the front porch.  This time of year the nectar starts to dry up but the bees are out collecting pollen.  I’ll put feeders on the hive until the fall nectar flow and hopefully we’ll get some honey this fall.  IMG_6495

The best part of this week was celebrating Leo’s birthday!  Talk about dog days.  Hard to believe it’s been a year since we took in the scrawny little rescue from death row.  When we got him, he was shaved completely naked except for his head and mane because of the fleas and matts in his hair.  He’s a happy old fellow now, who loves his brother Pedro and wants to spend all day by our side.   Full disclosure, the cake was really for Mike and me!

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